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Furry Friends
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3912 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92105

OPEN 5 days per week

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Dear Guests, Due to the Corvid 19 virus we will be implementing certain guidelines for dropping off and picking up your pets. 1) Please, only have one person in the lobby at a time. Our staff is instructed to keep six feet away at all times and will ask you for details on your groom. 2) When you drop off have a leash or carrier ready. We've provided a safe place in the lobby where you pet can be tethered. 3) Please sign in with your name and phone number on the pad provided. New customers may need to fill out an information card for their pets. 4) At pick up, payments by card are prefered to avoid handling cash. We ask that guests complete their transactions before we bring your pets into the lobby. 5) Finally, please be patient with us. Much of our staff has been asked to remain at home during this pandemic. We'll do our best to return your pets safe, tidy and happy in a timely manner but fewer hands make more work. Thank you all for being our customers and we hope you all remain healthy and safe.

Keeping your dog or cat comfortably groomed is not only important for the sake of good hygiene. It is also a basic element of care in keeping your pet happy and healthy. Dirt, dander and skin oils can build up, causing itching and matting. Fleas, ticks and other pests can cause irritation and disease. Embedded foxtails and thorns can cause sores or infection. Build up of yeast on the skin and in the ears can can cause odor and redness. Our experienced staff will address all of those issues during the grooming time.